Computer Basic

  1. Formatting, 
  2. Editing, 
  3. Short cut Keys, 
  4. Inserting,
  5.  Alignments, 
  6. MS Word

Computer Advance

  1. MS Excel, Power point,Typing,
  2. Mail creation,
  3. Online ticket booking,
  4. Online shopping
  5. Photoshop

Civil Architecture

  1. Introduction to 3DS Max &user interface, 
  2. Modelling objects ,geometric, Animation,snap and grid setting,
  3. Editable spline polly and working on geometry and shapes,
  4.  Importing CAD file and working on exterior and interior,
  5. Lightning ,unit customization, Rendering ,
  6. Walk through, Dimension

Mechanical PRO-E

  1. Understanding Pro engineer concepts.
  2. Sketching and Part modelling,Solid Part modelling with strude, revolve, 
  3. Advance solenoid modelling with sweep,
  4. Assembling with constraints,Convert a solid into sheet metal parts


  1. Introduction to Auto cad,
  2. Coordinate System, 
  3. How to create the objects,
  4. How to modify the objects,Object selection methods,
  5. Unit settings,Writing and editing text,Managing the layers,
  6. Dimension setting and styles  

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